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Company Detail

ANSTAR Corporation
2521 Technology Drive, Suite 208
Elgin, IL 60124-7892
Phone: 847-428-7240
FAX: 847-594-6016

As your company begins to plan for its future investments to streamline your product manufacturing processes, the importance of capital equipment expenditure decisions is difficult to overstate. Your competitive position often hangs in the balance. Well reasoned decisions based on careful analysis of all relevant factors will often dictate the fate of your enterprise. Chosing the right partner offering the best solutions can have certain intangible benefits. These may be difficult to quantify, but must not be overlooked. Areas in which these benefits are frequently found include improvements in product reliability and quality. Improved production flexibility, which can lead to improved responsiveness to market demands and may increase customer satisfaction. Inventory improvements and less WIP often reduce floor space requirements and leads to reductions in overhead costs. At ANSTAR CORPORATION, we understand manufacturing and have the technical knowledge and experience to help guide you through your most important strategic decisions.

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