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Company Detail

ExOne - South
7409 Railhead Lane
Houston, TX 77086
Phone: 281-931-0011
FAX: 281-931-1038

ExOne supplies services, systems and solutions for additive manufacturing and laser micromachining. Three dimensional printing 3DP builds an object or mold for an object layer by layer out of powdered metal, sand or glass, a chemical binder and a digital file. Since the component is formed layer by layer, geometries not previously possible to manufacture can now be designed for optimal performance. Short pulse laser systems equipped with sophisticated beam manipulation devices allow the fabrication of complex holes with minimal material damage and little or no heat affected zone. ExOne collaborates with clients through the entire development and production process, providing machine systems as well as an array of services including contract job shop services, 3D design and reverse engineering for generation of a CAD file, and modeling capabilities for castings.

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