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Kaiser Tool Company, Inc.
PO Box 80430
Fort Wayne, IN 46898-0430
Phone: 888-844-6248
FAX: 888-844-6329

In 1964 Kaiser Tool Company was the first manufacturer to provide small grooving tools in .001" increments for shipment in 24 hours. Today Kaiser Tool Company is committed to continuing to produce the highest quality product, to provide for fast shipment and to support its customers with excellent customer service.
With GROOVE 'N TURN widths starting at .004" to .150" and MiniGROOVE 'N TURN widths starting at .004" to .125", and both increasing in .001" increments, Kaiser Tool Company has the widest selection of standard sizes in the industry. Additionally, coatings, radius and geometry options allow us to optimize the insert for your application.
Products include the patented GROOVE 'N TURN lines which enable the user to utilize the same insert to groove, turn, chamfer and create complex profiles. The insert can work against a shoulder and is also available for face grooving, Acme and standard threading. MiniGROOVE 'N TURN is designed and patented to allow the user to ID groove and face groove, bore, chamfer and create complex profiles. The insert can work against the bore wall in bores as small as .325". MICROBIT solid carbide tools are for ID grooving, face grooving, boring and threading in bores as small as .073". DEEPGROOVE is a patented support blade style system that is available in 2mm to 6mm widths for face grooving, parting, threading and OD ID grooving with depths of cut to 1". MINI BORE is an indexable boring system that has the smallest minimum bore in the industry at 0.160". An innovative 'K' angle design provides the largest cross sectional support area for maximum rigidity and thread engagement.

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