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Company Detail

LNS North America, Inc.
4621 E Tech Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45245-1044
Phone: 513-528-5674
FAX: 513-528-5733

LNS America is part of the worldwide mfg team of bar feeding equipment with plants in the USA, Europe & Asia. Innovative product design is supported by a team dedicated to providing quality customer service & reliable, productive systems. Bar feeders are manual to automatic, .040" 4 3 4" in diameter, up to 12' long bars. Industry leading products, Quick Load Servo S3, Express 332 & Express 220, are entirely mfg in Cincinnati. The Alpha ST series, Hydrobar, Sprint, Tryton, Quick Six, Sprint 552, Sprint 565 and Blaze Air complete the product line. LNS America also manufacturers Chip and Coolant Management Systems. LNS America distributes SMW AutoBlok turning rests and Oil Mist Collectors.

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