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Répertoire de produits des membres

Company Detail

5200 Prairie Stone Parkway, Suite 100
Hoffman Estates, IL 60192
Phone: 847-649-1450
FAX: 847-649-0112

Star SU is the go to market cooperative partnership of Star Cutter Company of Farmington Hills, MI, and SU America, Inc. of Hoffman Estates, IL, the US sales and manufacturing unit to SAMP S.p.A. The companies together represent one of the world s largest gear machine, tool and gear tool manufacturing producers. The headquarters of Star SU is located in Hoffman Estates, IL Chicago , 30 minutes from Chicago O'Hare International Airport. Star SU personnel are made up of the combined direct sales forces, sales engineering, sales administration, marketing groups, HR and IT groups of the partnered companies. Star SU is a single enterprise managed by a single officer, reporting to an executive committee made up of the senior management of the two 2 companies. Both companies, while partners in Star SU, retain their individual private ownership as manufacturing units.

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