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Company Detail

Command Tooling Systems LLC
13931 Sunfish Lake Boulevard
Ramsey, MN 55303
Phone: 763-576-6910
FAX: 763-576-6911

Precision toolholding systems for CNC machining centers with V, BT, DIN, HSK flanges standard and custom designs an extensive selection of ThermoLock shrink fit holders and accessories. URMA modular boring and reaming systems. High speed balanceable tooling, balancing machines, and tool presetting machines. Introduced in 2008, EWS driven and static tools including the Varia Quick Change products, EWS Slot broaching tool, adjustable gear hobbing saw toolholders, adjustable angle head, multi head specials, Capto licensed, KM licensed, ABS Liscensed and multi tasking machine tools are available.

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