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Produktverzeichnis der Mitgliedsfirmen

Company Detail

Prima Power Laserdyne, LLC
7105 Northland Terrace North
Brooklyn Park, MN 55428
Phone: 763-433-3700
FAX: 763-433-3701

Prima Power Laserdyne is a Minneapolis, Minnesota area based supplier of precision multi axis laser materials processing systems for cutting, welding and drilling for industrial applications. Features of these systems are focused on the special requirements for manufacturing of turbine engines for aircraft and land based power generation, for turbine engine MRO maintenance, repair, and overhaul , and for manufacturing of components for aircraft, electronics, fine mechanics, medical devices, and automotive manufacturers.

The company is responsible for design, development, manufacturing, installation, training, applications support, and service of the LASERDYNE brand of precision multi axis laser systems used for 2D and 3D laser cutting, welding, and drilling worldwide. This product line includes the LASERDYNE 795, LASERDYNE 430 and LASERDYNE 606D systems that can be equipped with up to 8 motion axes including the latest generation of the BeamDirector laser contouring head.

These systems are available with a wide range of laser sources, including fiber lasers, CO2, and Nd YAG selected based on the requirements of the applications. Engineering and process development assistance is available in the technology centers in Champlin Minneapolis , Minnesota, USA and in Turin, Italy.

Sales, service and spare parts for LASERDYNE products are available worldwide through regional sales and service centers.

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