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Repertorio prodotti aziende socie

Company Detail

ProMANAGE Smart Manufacturing Solutions
1415 N. Cherry
Chicago, IL 60642
Phone: 773-800-2724

ProManage is the leader technology company working on production performance, quality, profit improvement using IoT based realtime digitalization tools. Promanage has more than 20 years of experience on realtime manufacturing operations management and serving more than 300 pioneer international manufacturers. ProManage Cloud provides cloud and subscription based usage of excellent tools for the companies who would like to meet digital tools and would like to experience the gains of digitalization in the most easy, cost effective and most compherensive way. Manufacturers who has just one machine or manufacturers who has international existance in different countries and plants may use the same infrastructure. System provides to begin with the simplest functionality and to reach the most compherensive MOM functionality by the time depending on own needs.

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