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Company Detail

Acieta LLC - IA
2906 21st Avenue
Council Bluffs, IA 51501
Phone: 712-328-3410
FAX: 712-328-3630

Acieta is a recognized leader in industrial robotic system integration. For over 35 years, Acieta meets each unique challenge by designing, manufacturing and programming turnkey robotic automation systems for a myriad of manufacturing applications.

We design and build factory automation systems for large component robotic welding, robotic palletizing boxes and bags , robotic assembly of larger mechanical devices, robotic material handling, robotic material removal thermal and rotating media , robotic machine loading unloading general machining, large casting, multi machine, diecast, press tending including press brakes , and large integrated systems with multiple part processes.

Acieta has developed custom industrial robotic systems for companies of all sizes including many Fortune 500s. In addition, its experience in factory automation systems has spanned a wide range of manufacturing industries including

Consumer goods

The creative designers, savvy programmers and skilled engineers form a team that considers several possible scenarios before settling on a robotic automated solution that solves each customer s needs.

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