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Relação de Produtos dos Membros

Company Detail

Kinefac Corporation
156 Goddard Memorial Drive
Worcester, MA 01603-1260
Phone: 508-754-6891
FAX: 508-756-5342

Kinefac Corporation includes KINEFAC Machines for rolling, extrusion, radial forming and center drive turning KINEFORM dies for rolling, extrusion and radial forming KINECOIL machines for coiling, springs and medical components KINESPIN machines for centrifugal fluid recovery and parts cleaning KINEPOWER components for hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical linear motion devices and KINEPRO Prototype and special production of unique metal form components. All of the above technology based operations are based on the strong core metal forming and metal cutting technology of Kinefac and apply their unique metalforming, metal cutting, material recovery, actuation, and machine development capabilities to solving its customer s product design, process and manufacturing problems thus improving their products quality and profitability.

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