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Relação de Produtos dos Membros

Company Detail

Laboratory for Manufacturing and Sustainability
Mechanical Engineering
5100A Etcheverry Hall-Mailstop 1740
Berkeley, CA 94720-1740
Phone: 510-642-8657
FAX: 510-643-7463

Research in the LMAS is concerned with the analysis and improvement of manufacturing processes and the development of tools to analyze sustainability. Specifically, research is focused on minimizing/removing contaminants and machining defects during manufacture, improving the precision and repeatability of chemical mechanical polishing, and modeling sustainable, environmentally-conscious manufacturing processes and systems. The main lab groups within the LMAS are Precision Manufacturing, Green Engineering, and CODEF (the Consortium on Deburring and Edge Finishing). Each of these groups conduct research with an eye to sustainability, and maintain a common goal of reducing waste (time, energy, materials).