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Directorio de productos de los miembros

Company Detail

MJC Engineering & Technology, Inc.
15401 Assembly Lane
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
Phone: 714-890-0618
FAX: 714-895-3561

MJC Engineering & Technology, Inc. is one of the world leaders in spinning and flow forming machines for the metal spin forming industry. The main focus of MJC is to provide a cost effective solution, through new machine design, to fit the needs of your production and manufacturing processes. At our facility in Huntington Beach, California, our staff of engineers utilize the latest in 3 D Computer Aided Drawing CAD software to design all of the machinery. We work hard to use only the latest proven technology available from worldwide recognized companies that offer the best in electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics, mechanical and control systems. By using only proven technologies and components, our customers receive the satisfaction that the machinery will run longer, be more reliable, and will require less maintenance. All that means lower overall operating costs and a faster return on investment. All MJC machines are Made in USA, using American made components wherever possible. All components are made by worldwide recognized companies, to ensure service and support are available for many years.

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