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Company Detail

4270 Ivy Pointe Boulevard, Suite 240
Cincinnati, OH 45245
Phone: 513-719-1600
FAX: 513-752-1906

5ME, LLC brings a proven suite of capabilities to industry, focused on increasing customers' manufacturing efficiency as a means of building profitable, competitive, and sustainable businesses. 5ME addresses five critical components the five 'M's' of Man, Material, Machines, Methods, and Money to improve a manufacturing enterprise's efficiency the 'E'. 5ME Cryogenics a system delivering liquid nitrogen LN2 through a machine tool in lieu of traditional metalworking fluids and cooling the cutting tool internally down to 321 F. A brand agnostic solution capable of being retrofitted to existing assets or offered as a new machine tool option, 5ME Cryogenics provides significant improvements to Performance speed MRR and tool life , Sustainability green machining , and Part Quality resulting in increased revenues, decreased costs, and maximized profitability. FREEDOM Software a smart manufacturing platform that connects with any industrial asset and collects critical manufacturing data in real time, which can be viewed anytime, anywhere through any device with a browser. Minimally invasive with no special engineering required, the FREEDOM IoT IIoT platform arms your team with the data required to optimize utilization, improve quality and performance, root out inefficiencies, and maximize profit.

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